Encoder en Pendulum

Letra de musica Encoder en Pendulum


You couldn't even show yourself out
You were so held up by your thoughts
Along the way we got divided
And I'm not showing you the door
You couldn't look me in the eyes

So I'll dim the lights
When you take me, out on your side
We're standing, out of sight
Believe me, I'm on your side

It took so long for me to speak up
It was the hardest thing to say
Taken right up to the entrance
At the last minute turned away
Just can't look you in the eyes

So let's dim the lights
Get a case of back up your pride
It's over; We're out of time
Don't leave me, I'm on your side

For everything that could have been
But at least we took a ride
There's no relief in better plans
Might as well let it die

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