Impossible en Newsboys

Letra de musica Impossible en Newsboys


I can't see myself without You
With You I get strength to do things I've never ever dreamt in a million years
I'm unstoppable 'cause You're here with me
Unbelievable how I can believe how powerful You've caused me to be, yeah

See only You got me flying with eagles, walking on water
With You I can do the impossible
Jump over mountains with one single bound
I've found out I can do the impossible
Do the impossible

No other soul could have saved me, I feel You in every heartbeat
You're incredible, invincible - so easy to see You've strengthened me
I'm out of this world, oh yeah, now that I'm with You
I'm unbreakable, there ain't no way I can lose

'Cause heaven is at the end of this road
Me and You, now I know I'm not alone
You're pierced in my heart, You're not just in my head
This is what makes You the best

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