Jeannie en Malvina Reynolds

Letra de musica Jeannie en Malvina Reynolds

Jeannie can doze
In all of her clothes,
Jeannie can sleep on a boulder.
My shoulder bone
Is as sharp as a stone
But she slept all the way on my shoulder.

They went for a stroll
And they stopped on the knoll,
She and some laddie together.
He told her his heart,
But she missed the best part,
Cause she'd fallen asleep in the heather.

Jeannie my Jean,
She's about seventeen,
Eighteen or just a bit older.
We went for a ride
By the banks of the Clyde,
And she slept all the way on my shoulder.

Well, the trumpets will sound
When the judgment comes round,
And the souls will all rise up to Gabr'el.
But Jeannie my own
Will be down there alone,
Asleep with her head on the table.

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