From a place that I never known
I ear some voices calling to me
Whispers of damnation contaminate the air
I walk a path covered of leafs
All the trees are dying and the wolves are there
Servants of the night watching over me

Into the deepest of the haunted forest
Where demonic souls appear
And frozen winds blow strong
As the black moon appearing

I continue my mysterious march
I see the ruins of the forgotten church
Forsaken by christian's on the run
At the gates I can see some ghosts
Waiting for my coming and to bring me
In front of a dark altar

Now I know the mystic secret
Who sleeps into the deepest of the haunted forest
Forbidden to god and his angels
Unique point of evil manifestation

I am the representative of the hatred
Condamned to roam on earth
Raping all the virgins and destroying the joy
Children of darkness worshipping my name
My throne is made of bones
I live into the deepest of the haunted forest

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