Identity en Eowyn

Letra de musica Identity en Eowyn


So I said it once before when you opened up
That door to my mind
This is who I want to be,
Individuality this time

Face to Face with who I am
I begin to understand my life
Where you are and what you see
can determine who you'll be at times
Every time I look away,
every single day I find another piece of me
It's not, easy, to be who your meant to be
It's not easy

Who am I really trying to please?
Things aren't always quite what they seem to be
This is unmistakably me
Underneath the surface you'll see,
Every single facet of me, believe
This is my identity

Holding true to what I am,
if your not my biggest fan you'll find,
that what you get is what you see,
so much for hypocrisy. Surprise!
It's not easy, to be who you're meant to be!
It's not easy!

I'm not here to act like I know everything
I just feel I need a little understanding
Do you see me like He really sees me?

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