It was a 3rd generation aztec
his tribe accepting human reality
it was the basis of their ability to sustain with humble tranquility
but civilization encouraged religions which in turn introducted depravity
and that was a bigger realization as when my boy newton discovered gravity
'cause it transformed the way we bounce about on a daily basis
not content with a doubt about the knowledge of whose up there
quick! give him a name, a trident and a chair
sharpish, what happened to wonder
why cant we accept we're not capable of thunder
so we welcome the lies with open arms and we turn into suckers when they turn on the charm
you're trying to run us all into the ground to be swallowed by the soil and trapped by the rain

In your concrete garden of falseness
you shout through our speakers and we don't turn them off
'cause trapped in silence it's tougher but this time we'll turn the speakers off
and we won't stay silent, we'll make as much noise as we can!

And i ask what's a thought without a voice to voice it?
it's just a thought

The original affluent socirty floating free of capitalistic anxiety
but all that has survived now is the pack vibe

But the catch is dogs don't eat other dogs
we're able animals employed by criminals in this cannibalistic society
where we scrimp and save just to behave with the upmost propriety
we will shout our heads off we won't stop until you hear

We won't stop until you trip up upon yourselves
We won't stay silent
We won't stay silent

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