[Obie Trice]
Hey, can we re, can we reenact Biggie's song?
C-can you shit on me?
I just want you to shit on me

CHORUS [Eminem]
Hey lady, hey darlin', hey baby
(Hey lady, hey lady)
I'm sorry but I can't be your boyfriend
(I don't think you really wanna be my girl)
If you toy with my motherfuckin' emotions
(Fuckin' with me can be dangerous...)
I'll kill you
Bitch I'm fuckin'
(You never know what I really be like)
For real I'll make you suffer like I suffered
(be like, be like, be like, I'm your type, I'm your type)
If you fuck me then I'll make you fall in love
(And might even get a little bit crazy)

[Obie Trice]
Baby I'm extra large (huge) in magnitude
And Magnums to lubrication that I use
to choose which hole on a ho I abuse (yes)
Have 'em confused, can't tell who is who
When I fuck the shit out you, then the next date (bitch)
I rush the shit out you, off my two-way (ooh wait)
You wanna cuddle, emotional hustle up on Pocono's
Poke ya nose in and outta Obie's own
No, I'm in and out your home
And this in and out your tone
I ain't the nigga that settles 'em down
Put 'em in nice homes and floss 'em around (nah)
I bounce 'em around
Camcord the sex and sell 'em around town
Now how that sound?
If I was in love wit' ya, now you wanna clown
Fuck with them clowns until I pound on your crown
Bust a few rounds and the cops come and get me
Bad mouth a nigga just to convince a jury
You don't want it with me, you just horny as me
You want a nut, nuttin' but what is you be

I'm internationally known baby but actually
There are few people who know how I am naturally
All you know is that I can act irrationally
When you shove a puppet up in my face on national TV
So they label me this crazed loony rap bully
But truthfully that ain't the truth
And if you believe in that shit
Then you'll believe anything's true
And you're too stupid to ever get to know me personally
But personally, that actually works for me
'cause the last thing that I need's a string attached to me
I'ma bachelor bitch and I ain't in no fast fury
To run out and find a new Mrs. Mathers
'cause see technically me and Kim ain't back fully
But we do still make booty calls occasionally
But be damned if I end up back in that pad
And we end up back at that God damn tavern
And havin' another déjà vu, we seein' security
Pass my pussy around like it's Ja Rule's jewelry
I got news for you bitch, your new curfew's early
You ain't home by 2:30 {*gunshot*}


[Obie Trice]
See you lookin' at the life, you lookin' at the lights (lights)
You lookin' at the ice (ice)
You ain't lookin' at the Trice (right)
You should look at some advice when I see he ain't nice (nope)
Despite the fact you think you the feisty type
O love to fight (uh) I love the drama (yeah)
Love when my bitch get to cussin' out Yolanda (fuck you bitch)
Find the Obie condom on the counter
Swingin' her weave, can't breathe like I can't believe
Least I ain't deceived and try to mislead
And sell a dream just to get you on my team
I came clean to keep down the beef
Keep down my reach, you can keep all your teeth

What we do under the covers should stay between the covers
And the two of us and we ain't gotta be news coverage
On the front page cover of "Buzz's New Lovers"
And this is when the bitch get to showin' the true colors
'cause the truth of it, everything that I do's public
And you'd love it if you could run and tell all your friends
Guess who you just screwed, assume just me and you've done it
And say that you was rubbered and show 'em the proof of it
But I guess it's do unto others as you'd have 'em do unto you
But you better be careful of who you're doin' it to
'cause you never know when the shoe
could end up on the other foot and it backfires on you
'Cause you think you want it then you want me, then you get me
Then you got me and you're fucked 'cause you'll be stuck with me
for the rest of your life 'cause if I get attached to you
we'll be joined at the hip, I'll be so latched to you
You'll be walkin' out the house and I'll run up and tackle you
Chain your ass up to the bed and shackle you
You don't think you're leavin' this house in that, do you?
Not till I brand my name in your ass and tattoo you
And have you walkin' out this bitch in turtleneck sweaters
Scarves and full leathers in 90 degree weather
Front on me? Never
'Cause we gon' be together forever
Right bitch? {*gun cock*}
Right bitch? {*gun cock, shot*}


(fall in love) (crazy)
(fall in love) (crazy)
(fall in love) (crazy)

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