Okay, okay, okay
Told her bust it open she said: "okay!"
But what she wearing? Chanel and Dolce
How she want it? Beat up like O.J
Skurt, skurt on a bitch nigga
How much time do you got for a rich nigga?
I need that while I'm relaxin' and the bitch knows gymnastics
So she can divide her legs on this dick like a fraction
Right, right, left, hit 'em with that right, left
I got that best stroker, I don't need no pipe test
My dick work girl I don't need no mic check
No panties on, I can see your pussy through that white dress
I ain't trippin' baby girl, make that money
Cause if I fuck her right she just might give some to me
And better yet, fuck with me for better sex
I know all the right spots to keep that punani wet

Girl you know you look fine as hell, right?
You know I buy you that Chanel, right?
You know I fuck you like I'm fresh outta of jail, right?
And if you cheated on me, I won't care, right?
(She make that ass go)
Left, Left, Right
Right, Left, Left, Right
(She make that ass go)
Right, Left, Left, Right
Right, Left, Left, Right

I'm a Pisces, she's a Taurus
She said she expensive, well, I could afford it
Never pay for it, but I could explore it
Have your tongue out and legs cocked open like Jordan
She just wanna strip and make a million right?
So she could get rich and feed the children right?
She ain't got no ass shots her shit real, yo
Got her checkin' in with me like I was a P.O
I hate make-up, I hate broke hoes
I can’t talk to you bitch, I ain’t social
Where the bad bitches at? Let me know though
I can send this dick your way baby, postal
Is it Brittany? or Myisha?
Where the ghetto bitches at? Queesha and Syida?
She dancin' for them dollars cause she don't know no better
She from the hood so she know how to throw it back better

Now let me see you drop that ass low and go
Left, right, left, right

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