I saw it all from the back of the room
he broke the handle off the head of a broom
he was the bride, and she was the groom
over their heads the devil started to swoon
I saw it all from the corner of my eye
she tore her dress, he was choked with a tie
she whispered something, then started to cry
he tried to kill it, it just wouldn't die

Catch that tiger by his toe
Hold that tiger, don't let him go
Cuz he's got secrets we want to know
But he won't tell, won't tell a soul

I saw it all i had the perfect view
there was one that was cut into two
the blood was red, the veins turned blue
i turned to me then i turned into you
I saw it all from the top of the heap
all the shepherds had turned into sheep
and all this wool wasn't helping us sleep
we rolled around 'til the bed go too deep

There's one thing, i do well
the first is buy and the second is sell
we looked to heaven then we dove into hell

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