I Been Seeing You For Months
Coming to This Place
Now What I Wanna Know Is, Honey
When Can I See Your Face?

I Know You Been Hiding Something
Secrets in Your Past
Whooo, Baby, I Just Gotta Know
What's Behind the Mask

Please, Baby, Please Please
Give Me One Quick Glance
Now How Come I Can't See Your Face When I
See What's in Your Pants?

Is It a Skin Condition?
Or An Extra Eye?
Surgical Incision?
I Keep Wonderin' Why (Why!)

Uhhh... You Ain't Wearin' Silver Bullets
Or Carving Z's in Chests
It's Been Months Since Halloween
Honey, I Can't Guess

Now Just Relax and Let Me Lift Up This Edge
And Let Me Take a Peek
Ooh, Let Me Have a Look in Here...

Well, Curiosity Killed This Cat
Sorry I Ever Asked
What I Don't Know Can't Hurt Me As Much As
What's Behind the Mask

What's Behind the Mask, Girl
What's Behind the Mask
What's Behind That Mask, Girl
Sorry I Ever Asked.

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