I got somethin' to say to you and you better listen -
i'm gonna tell ya how to be cool in one easy lesson ..go!

sunglasses after dark
aaah, they're so sharp
and you'll be cool
and the squares will drool...

it's real simple...
sunglasses after dark
aaah, it's so sharp

listen to this ...
went out last saturday night
got myself in a night fight
everybody got clubbed including me
'cause there wasn't one of those cats could see
see..we had on S.A.D.

that's right... I was hangin' around on the street
and this great big guy ran right into me
I could hardly make him out , everything was so dim..
but then I seen what was wrong with him..
he was wearin' sunglasses after dark...

sunglasses after dark..
aaah, you're so sharp
sunglasses after dark..
it's so simple...
(where am I by the way?)

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