There's a brand new dance in town
I'm shook up, I can't sit down
It's too early for the bars
And I done wrecked both the cars
Itchy and psyched by the orgy witch
It's the mojo man from Mars

Doin' the hootchie cootchie coo
In my peek-a-boo mohair suit
Oldsmo-William in a Jaguar
Smokin' exploding-type cigars
Cinnamon cinders, smouldering looks
Oh the mojo man from Mars

Yeah the dancehall fire's a shame
And the cops say I'm to blame
I got portsickles and caviar
But I don't know where you are
Still mashin' potatoes
At the peppermint lounge
It's the mojo man from Mars

Spotlight on one lone star
Weird shadows real bizarre
Big boy Pete's in Belshazzar
Mustang Sally's stuffed in jars
And there's no one who
Can hold a candle to
The mojo man from Mars

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