I went out to eat the other night.
Picked up my girl at eight. in my soup i found a fly. but, there beyond my plate. was an eyeball in my martini. a highball with a twist.
One in my linguini, too.
I said, "there's somethin' wrong with this."
Eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs. eyeballs everywhere.
Eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs. floating through the air.
We went to the 'musement park.
To ride the tunnel of love. but, when i went to hold her hand.
There was an eyeball in her glove.
We went to lover's lane.
To skan for u.f.o.'s.
You just imagine what i saw. when i pulled down her panty hose! i took my baby home. for a juicy good night kiss. but there was an eyballs starin' at me.
Between her parted lips.
I went to the institute.
And asked the doctor there. in the department of eyeballs.
"what's this burden that i bear?" he said, "you ain't crazy." he said, "you ain't insane." "it's just you got an eyeballs in the center of your brain!"

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