Serenity Destroyed en The Azoic

Letra de musica Serenity Destroyed en The Azoic

Serenity Destroyed
Serenity Destroyed

Welcome to my church of perversity
Place of my birth, into serenity
No one could shadow my disease and pain
And for their efforts none shall remain
Baptized in blood, cleansed by fire
Not even the holy ones resist my desire
Something inside of me claws at my flesh
With a vengeance and power all its own.
Shredding my mind, stripping the compassion,
Grinding it into a hate, the hate of destruction.
The wicked shall be blessed
The saints line up to hear my words
The virgins for my caress
Everlasting misery, serenity destroyed, serenity destroyed.
Once I was just a man, but I can never change who or what I am.
To the night I am sworn at me fallen angels swarm
Choir of damnation screams my theme
At me fallen angels swarm.

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