Oh, banging out the door
No sound when your feet hit the dirt ground
Moving so slowly
The garage door isn't open
Slowly the tires leave from the ground
Making no sound
As I watch from the window
You can't be too far now
You just left an hour ago Maybe I can catch you
You're moving so slow
From the bed to the door
I won't go
Make no noise
Prove me
I will remember this
In your eyes
I see myself
I won't go phone but
Anyone but you
Don't make me
Take it to the road
I'm falling down, oh,
Tonight will fall
Break my heart
Together we will leave the mattress of our history
And you cannot see
Everything between us
I know what is between us
Look at me now, look at me now,
Look at me, Looking into your heart
Showing you you love me
You can't hide it
You can't hide it no,
There's no hiding it from me.
And I'll show you how it came to be
That you became different and I won't stop now
It's everything here
It's everything here
Cause everything is different
And I know that you were, being so new at everything
I won't be confused
The day will be used
I won't fall for any of this
Cause I won't take this
Anymore, now
Anymore, I won't
I won't anymore I won't take this so far and everything's bent, I'll just stay back now Believe me, yeah And don't you dare stop....

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