Quiet falls the night - Fever rushing through me
With weapons sent from heaven
You burned the heart in me
All alone this night
I was searching for the perfect thrill
Another liquid shot was rushing through my veins
Seduced by neon lights
Yet another shot went through me
Far away from the twisted reality
Blinded in the night - This angel swept my eyes
In the darkest corner of town we lost our minds
Together through the night
Two as one we walk through fire
All my worries then was cast behind my back
Fire floods in my vein
Allowing my mind to spin
Some distant headlights blind my eyes
If you count the seconds - Minutes turn to years
But time of dreaming will last through forever
Then the morning came
Left weak and barely breathing
All dreams began to fall apart
She left me in the dark
Leaving me with her mark
I shared with you the secrets deep inside
It puzzles with my mind
Every time I close my eyes
A mind game that slowly eats at me
I can never sleep

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