Enter this world with a clear mind
Who are you question me?
The truth is what I choose to be
What makes your faith supreme?
Indifference - trust - paralysed - fear
Broken promises is what you give
See through your selfish lies
Your own insecurity
Will bring you all down
This heaven, this hell
makes no sense to me
My hate to man, death must be my way...
Enter this world with a clear mind
Leave this world with a clear mind
Acts of satan, acts of god
Who the hell will ever know?
We all share same destiny, what makes you all supreme?
The quest for truth, a struggle for the weak
Flesh and blood, death comes to us all
Different perspectives, same destiny
Human desperation, there's no escape
Time passes through us all
An end will come
Don't wait for me
I've chosen my way

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