Who needs actions when you got words
You know what today i'm pissed off with you
'cause you've been acting childish t
When the fuck are you gunna grow up man and stopping having these fights with me
Deep down i know were cool sometimes i wonder would really give a fuck if you were six feet under
I look at you as a friend but when it comes down to it it's blatent
Me and you ain't tight like the way you are with jason
And you don't listen to me like the way you listen to him
That makes me think that you don't respect me that's how the dissin begins
Everytime we meet were at each others throats like a couple of bitches
I hate the way you try and go on, like a fuck that's some thick shit
I know one day you'll sort yourself out cause you ain't stupid
I just hope that, that day ain't that far away cause my lifes moving at a fast rate
Picking up pace heading towards the right place i don't wanna leave you behind but i could feel my heart change cause as everyday goes by i start to realise who my friends are
If your one of them, prove it
Fix up

Could'nt get along today
We could'nt get along today
I'll have to call you back later
Could'nt get along today
Ooooo yeah
Could'nt get along today

Once again my friend you managed to rattle someones cage
But for once it ain't mine yo, this time it's daves
Fuck me i thought we were bad but you and him are worst faling out over petit shit like women, weed and birds
Talking about how if you never saw each other again it would be too soon
I can't really talk though cause sometimes i feel that way too
I'm just glad that me and you have sorted out our differences now we can finally be on the level as you like to put it just settled
So hows your life man, lately you seem really down
What's it like living on that council estate in south
I know you got that big fuck of dog to protect you but that ain't your manor man what's wrong with your head dude the way you got one blood, you need to be careful, ay don't give me that shit bout it being all cool just be careful
Look i gotta go when your in the ends next make sure you check me
Alrite bruv cool see you next week


Today i'm fucking distraught, i'm beside myself i can't stop crying man
Neither can no one else cause today i got a call from greg
And the first thing he said was hey b your not gunna believe this man but tonys dead
And at first i didn't, then i heard the tone in his voice, and i knew he was serious so i didn't have a choice
And suddenly it hit me and i went silent lost for words
As i listened to him describe how you died i felt this surge of overwhelming sadness
The fucking bastards why they have to kill you man it's madness
I keep picturing your face it's the first time i seen you scared as i imagine you dropping from the balcony and you falling through the air i don't know whether you fell trying to escape or whether you was pushed off but whatever they did it was enough to get you more than shook up,
All i know is they turned up at your flat whilst you were sleepin and seriously intended on giving you a beating
That bitch you lived with must ave had something to do with it aswell she wanted you out of her yard
Why the fuck else would that dog of yours be locked in another room
I find it far too convenient that slag must ave knew that they was coming to do you something bad
I can't take this it's driving me mad i just can't belive your gone i never felt this sad
T i fuckin love you man


Now that your gone don't think we'll ever be the same your death was a tragedy in every kind of way
I can't comprehend all the time we wasted
On being angry at each other instead if just getting along, it's wrong and it reminds me of how you left it last with dave, cause when you died we didn't see his arse for days and those days turned to months and now those months have turned to years for me to be exact cause still were holding back the tears
I said we havent seen dave for your years but we have except it ain't really him cause the david we knew would never take crack or heroine hit him hard just like it did with jason, you and him were like brothers and in his heart lies and empty space cause you'll never be replaced
And we all feel the same
What we have is love and respect when someone mentions your name
So know this just before i hang up the line for the last time
We love you
And your forever on our minds
See you in heaven bruv

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