As the essense bleeds out of me
Left with a presence all to see
Spiral constellation ???[0:25]
Left the path, the soul unwound

Wrote today to a lot girl man
My evolution close at hand
Left my past my, the future unfolds
New reasons for my story untold

In the wake of love
In the wake of love

And so hope is piecing me
All I ever wanted was to be free
Control desires oh I wish
But what is this that's in my dish?
A woman hurts like hell you know
But the theory's worse than love is slow

So onward plummet in our art
Life seems like a giddy dart
And trust becomes an only chance
To perform a stage of glory dance
I'd like to stash it in a drawer
Leave and forget by the nearest door
Burning, searching by the window
Felt no alarm, the comments you/the comet's due

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