Take Two en Malvina Reynolds

Letra de musica Take Two en Malvina Reynolds

Well the coke is nice,
And the coke is sweet,
But the coke makes holes
In your teeth.
You better watch it.
Now a cup of skim milk
Is smooth as silk
And good for you.
Take two.

Well the grits are nice,
But if you'll take my advice,
You'll have oatmeal mush,
It's better stuff
For everybody.
It will make you grow
And your eyes will glow,
It's good for you.
Take two.

When your hands are clean--
Washed with soap, I mean--
Then the food you serve
Won't have any germs,
And the baby won't get sick.
Gotta wash and scrub,
But it's worth the troub'
For you.
Take two.

When you make your garden grow
With the shovel and the hoe,
There'll be corn and beans and greens
Every day,
On the table.
Plant the little seeds,
Keep away the weeds,
Watch the crop come through.
Take two.

When you stay up late at night
And you should be sleeping tight,
Then you wake up awfully sleepy
When the sun
Comes shining.
Go to bed on time,
And you'll rise and shine
As good as new.
Take two.

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