[Lil Twist:]
Yeah, uh huh
Really, really, really good, really good
Really, really, really good
Uh, let's go

I'm feelin really good
Lil Twist up out the hood
I wish you would try
I would take your girl if I would try
But watch em
I am poopin on yall like I'm a fly (I'm fly)
And sometimes I will come off a bit shy (Oh My)
I'm runnin these girls, you can't deny
My cars come illy like Mixtape Messiah
Into the world, just had me my tie
And if it's hard I'm ready to die, OK
The kid just lied, just hand me the world
And once I master the world
You can hand me your girl
Lil Twist, New Boyz, you just entered our world
A Young Money majorette without a band or a twirl
No side, watch while gettin girls like Mariah
Carey, you guys are scary
Musta spoiled Halle Berry
I say you rappers so many
I say you rappers so many
You had to get a
To tell your from
Yeah early, and it's all good
Lil Twist and New Boyz track homie
Class President could

You say you got a milli, half a billi?
Oh really? Nigga you silly
I steal these b*tches from Philly
And filled em up in a telly
Or telly, hotel, whatever
She told me she'd get wetter
If I set her on a dresser
And let her measure my pecker
But that pecker was a beak instead
Hit it once, then I had her leakin wet
Now that she sits down
Crack the h*e open and call her
Up like Alfalfa hair, she never seen harder
Kicked her out but I wrote her a letter still
It went like Dear Darla:
I didn't mean to make you cry
You're not the scum between my toes
Sorry for the c*m between your nose
But sometimes that's just how it goes
Damn I'm such a little rascal
You don't really want no drama dude
My niggas pop up out of nowhere
Got the little mama goons
And since we on the BMX, Kanye could cosign
Yeah you kinda hot, but Legacy the best of all time
Shout out to Young Money, Lil Twist
It's a super movement
School these low-class ass niggas
This how a tutor do it

[Ben J:]
Okay, my swagger so really, really, really, really
Yo, I'm in the cold, I'm hot sh*t
But my ice is in the snow
I show my face and they wonder like white bread
I said, my swag sharp like pencil lead
Get the shreds
I give it when you see me I'ma kill it
I'm a menace to society
South Central in this business
Give it up to the haters
Why yall all up in my lane though?
Cause I got more steez
Different colors in the rainbow
I'ma kill it, I'ma kill it
But these niggas don't know so
And since yall bein foul
I'm about to shoot my free throw
You niggas want a hero, well you askin the best
Toothbrush in my pockets cause my fits stay fresh
Everyday I got a different pair of blazers on my feet
I like my cocaine white ones
Look like Dawson's Creek
I'm a super fashion freak even if you don't know so
I throw it in different bags like the homie Loso

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