No no
Forever you told me
I'm the only who was in your heart

So beautiful how you whisper
We would never be apart
And now things are changing
I see the way you look at me

They say that the eyes are The windows to the soul
So I finally chose the just in me

Why didn't I see you coming?
I'll miss the vision where you stood
And I would touch you if I could

But your lips keep sayin' What your heart will never do

Someone tell me how a girl as Fine as you can be so cold
And treat me like you do?

I'm still lost in your every move
It's too bad that you're no good

(Just don't tell that you love me
I know that it's just not true)
(You gotta give it to me
Cuz you've got me . . .)

What's a man to do?

Seduction at its finest
Has stripped away all of my dignity

So beautiful
How you whisper
(Is there any good between you and me?)

No I never imagined myself
In this state of mind
I'm stuck between a dream and nightmare
Help cuz you've rendered me blind

Why didn't I see you coming?

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