Places To Go en Eminem

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Places To Go
Places To Go

[Chorus X2]
I've got places to go
I've got people to see
The penitentiry, aint the place for me
No warning you do, not to me
I run up n squeeze and put a hole in you

You aint mistakin me for someone you should be testin'
you should be stressin, imma fuckin teach you a lesson
rap 101s in session, n lace the track that im blessin
smith and wesson is the weapon, in cause you was guessin
kept in my benz, hop in again in the end
watch the 22s spin, my hos they a perfect 10
i got shot up, but i got up and im back at it again
mothafuckas that thought i wouldnt win, pretend to be friends
if at first you fail, try, try, try, try again
im the best, dont you get it forget it
when i spit it, its crazy
if you love it, admit it
you like that i live it, its shady
aftermath in yo ass bitch
if its not a classic
when its done we'll just trash it
though i got it mastered
step and get you ass kicked, bastard
when measures get drastic
___ made of plastic
cock it, aim it, blast it
run the gun and stash it

[Chorus X2]

If there is a genie in the bottle of that don perion
imma drink till i get that bitch

Picture a perfect picture
picture me in a pimp hat
picture me startin shit
picture me bustin my gat
picture police man, they aint got a picture of that
picture me bein broke
picture me smokin the sack
picture me comin up
picture me rich from rags
picture me blowin up
now picture me goin back
to my mommas basement to live
man picture that
where its from, its a fact
you gotta watch yo back
you wear a vest without a gat
you's a target jack
hustle hard, money stay
sell that dope, sell that crack
sell that pack, sell that gat
sell that pussy in the back
50 cent, too much change
man im bent, im outta here

[Chorus x2]

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