Those days when nothing appeal
Pale were the glances of future
Vital the essence of us
Together we'd find a solution

Those days the kingdom was ours
Reigning over our landscapes
All my domain for a heart
And straight on the track again

Where are now those days? these lulls are not familiar
Buried are yesterday's dreams, under the soil of all our seams

When you close your eyes thinking back again
To those days so far lost and done
What you miss for real has gone forever

When the stars seemed not so out of reach
When the streets gave all they have to teach
Those were the days to live together

Those days when he looked away
"nothing will be as today"
Sometimes i ask myself
What life has gifted him with right now

We were against the world, sure to conquer everyone
We weren't one for all, but we were always all for one

When you close...

[solo: aydan, rafahel]

Live today with the heart you had those days
Never gonna miss it
Love all the days 'cause you'll never have
Another chance to be strong again

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