I drived to the station : woman I bid you all adieu
Tell me : you always got a fatmouth following you

Now my baby quit me : and she done throwed me down
I wouldn't hate it so bad : but that talk is all over town

She's a long tall woman : she got relatives in Arkansas
She ain't so good‑looking : but boys them dimples is *going to draw*

I cried all night : and all that night before
Know it's the best to get single : then you won't have to cry no more

I got ten little puppies : I got twelve little shaggy hounds
Well it just takes them twenty‑two dogs : to run my good gal down

I got a girl in *North Clifton* : *hollering for a good long‑legged man* too
I may live in Magnolia Texas : what them Mill City women going to do

Some joker learned my baby : how to shift gears on a Cadillac Eight
If you ever shift that habit : now I can't keep my business straight

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