Met her late last night to say affections gone
We enjoyed another night, kinda wrong
And no matter how hard I try
I’m gonna go back there again sometime
Hands in pockets and my eyes looking down
The walk home, so damn proud
I got a featherweight moral sense
I walk with me there’s no suspense

Why be inconsiderate debris
Clearly, it’s so damn pleasant

Hardly any point but she’s getting upset
Compares herself to a pocket on a roulette
What are the odds of avoiding harm when you can
I just don’t know, I’ve never been a gambling man and she said:

Why be inconsiderate debris
Clearly, it is so damn pleasant

And I thought of the myriad
Diseases of the venereal kind
Signed, the ones you didn’t have to screw

I’ve been genetically programmed to fuck every girl that I see on the street, in the world
You’re no exception, she’s no exception
I ought to do my best to get you on my erection
If you’re gonna bring a brand new meaning
To the word, infidelity
Know if it’s the lightest burden
Or on the contrary

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