Looking forward to seeing you
My, it's been such a long, long time
Looking forward to feeling you
Love has been so heavy on my mind
On my mind, all the time
On my mind

Had a chance to look forward
To be part of your love in my dreams
But I can't be happy with
Fantasizing instead of the real thing
The real thing, not my dreams
The real thing

* There are no words
That can express the way
I feel today
'Cause I feel today
Like no other day
Longing more and more
For your loving

There are no songs
That I can sing
To ease my troubled mind
'Cause my troubled mind
Will be a troubled blue
Until you say
You're coming home to me

So let me hear you sweet baby
Let me hear you say the words
Send your love in a hurry
Send it's melody by a love bird
A love bird, send your word
By a love bird

(* Repete)

There is no other someone
That can ease my achin' heart
'Cause my achin' heart
Told my troubled mind
The only remedy to its pain
Is your love

Let me hear you say, baby
Everything's gonna be all right
Stop my heart from achin'
Stop my eyes from cryin'
Through the night
Through the night, I won't cry
Through the night

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