It's getting to gracelessly
Direct to her dream
I do not know why at the time of my sleep
In my mind
Inconsequentemente comes to her image
I am afraid at the same time happy.
I found what I always wanted
Tells me what to do at that time
I know that these hours
It should not be guided by thought
Is it a feeling?
Whatever, let it flow.
If there really, I still have much to contribute.
Him evolve and become full
Me where I can shelter
Turning to my roof
Ta's time to stop wanting to be smart
Living life on fanfare as I do
Say that every hour to be with a
If none occupies space in the heart
I trace another path for this new story
What is the glory that is in memory.
Win or lose, everything is possible.
But you have to take risks
This is the game I like to play
I can even hurt me, but I hurt satisfied.
After all, nothing that happens in life is perfect.

With you it's easier to find my peace

Have to see your smile, I am happy.
I do not know what is happening right
But plan a future for us
Thinking about it, dreaming is good.
Embarking on this trip
Makes me so well, I will and the courage to leave me for vagrancy.
Study on therapy
And I have this treatment every day consultation
Be quiet if it was real
Achieve peace
Physical and mental or spiritual
You have the differential
For me, know it is privileged.
First on my list
It has sometimes pile up

Every time that it becomes more important
Interesting, because with what was gracelessly
Becomes hilarious.
I am ready to go when meeting
Where is
Do almost everything you want, if I can.
To be at your side
I think it is worth to drop
My world forbidden
Together for us because there is no time lost
Hearts united, that link, that beautiful.
Peco help, I have faith in God.
Because I believe in it!

With you it's easier to find my peace!

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