I'll say this once
theres not a soul that hasn't been left behind
there are no answers to the burning questions
spend your whole life standing in the dark
and when its through theres nothing but the memory of what this
used to be
and not a shot to make up for lost time
but still we sit and wait
were not the ones who try and save you
from all the torment that exists inside us all
take a good look at whats around you
because today could be the day your whole life flashes
so follow us while we lead you straight off the highest cliff tonight
were falling fast, gravity can barely keep up with us
we've sworn the oaths, and laid it on the line for all to see
you chose to follow, now become part of what you used to fear
theres not a day that i don't think could be my last
and in a moment it would all have gone so fast
but still we sit and wait
this wont be my kiss goodnight, i will not abdicate my chair just yet
I've been beaten down to the depths but I'll walk hand and hand with life
until theres nothing left, until theres no one left
and when we wake up with burning eyes to see the aftermath
of what greed, lust and ignorance can do
a broken land which once thrived
decayed and withered, unrecognizable
we have no choice but to rebuild
from the ground up, turn the carnage to reconstruction
without a warning before your eyes its all gone

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