There's a couple sunbathing on a freshly mown lawn in England
It's a house with a view and all you see is green and blue for miles
The local Vicar has pretended that the church is well attended this morning,
As he wanders without purpose to the Sunday Service he smiles.

(Oh-ho!) What a beautiful morning.
(Oh-ho!) What a beautiful day.
(Oh-ho!) What a sickening feeling.
It took this long to make it, now we re throwing it away

Now, I was told not to play with fire,
I said, look out Church the flames grow higher.
I said, watch those flames lick that spire,
I said, look out Church the flames grow higher
(The World's on fire).

There's a curtain closed early in an upstairs room in England.
There's a couple misbehaving when they should've been praising Sunday.
And there's a bounce in the walk and the neighbors stop to talk for hours
And when eyebrows are raised at the next song of praise come Monday.

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