I'm a go down to the corner of beach and
Dance in the street to the barnacle beat
I'll stand in the traffic and whale and i'll dance
And smile as the plastics trip as they glance
Maybe they won't find me crazy
The first ones to come are always the young
They'll drop a baby at the sight of the sun
The youngies and the druggies and the pretties and the uglies
Till the oldies come down and get what they've been wanting
Bring what you choose your roots and dancing shows your kazoos and kangaroos
We've got nothing to loose
Sing your own tune or just sing along
Play your grass flute we cannot go wrong
Rip em off the ground
Show em our sound
Show em how to drown
I'm a go down to the carnival street
Stand on my hands and smoke with my feet
I'm a go down to the merry go round

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