Though up till then I'd thought that what I had was
I realised then as the earth moved that first time
that I had had more here inside
just waiting for the vital spark
and then it crashed in on my senses with a bang
and overtook me with a pleasure oh so strong
that had been hidden for so long
like switch a light on in the dark

I heard the sound of 2 guitars clash [etc]

And ever since I've sought the sheer release I've
in the explosion of electrifying sound
that hits and lifts me off the ground
the jolt & jangle of live wires

I wanna hear the 2 guitar clash [etc]

Oh can you hear it, I wanna feel it, I wanna be it cos
its real

I rushed home at night to listen with school friends
and queued to bump & jump to the sound of real live
but now the power's in our own hands
and we will grab it while we can

We're gonna make the 2 guitars clash [etc]

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