It seems so easy in the light of day
And when we`re there it always feels OK
But then again
I`m so alone when I am by myself
And can I ever count on someone else?
And then you say


Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Why don`t you listen to your heart
Listen to your heart

This kind of thing keeps me awake at night
It gets so I can`t sleep without the light
And then again
I wonder what I`m really wondering for
Cause where we`d be I never felt so sure
And so you say


Oh, it`s not as bad as it seems
Oh, it`s not as crazy as my dreams
As my dreams

Alright I know that I can make it through
I have no doubts here as I talk to you
But then again

Chorus twice

You gotta understand

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