Ain't got no money but I don't give a damn
Cos when I got it I spend it as fast as I can
Ain't got no worries at least none I can see
Got to make a fast connection then I'll be free

Break out and leave this life behind
Break out and see what I can find
Might lose I'm going to try my luck
Might win don't really give a fuck

I've gotta try cos I've gotta know
If I'm a winner and the star of the show
Can't stand routine for another day
Rules and regulations getting in my way


Won't let anyone put me down
I ain't gonna be nobody's clown
Won't be taken in by their promises
I'm gonna try on my terms this time

So if I can do it you can do it too
Why don't you try it you've got nothing too lose
A boring job living from day to day
Do something different try to break away

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