High fives with chainsaw hands
Will strike the spark that melts our features.
Salt the earth, I'll salt your wounds
As flames consume like starving creatures.

Sweet sweet obscenities you softly whispered in my nightmares.
Simple atrocities as hateful words fall on infected ears.

Baby, baby this ain't no dream
Your evil heart is atrophied!
Listen honey.
I'll lick my wounds when someone tells me where I'm bleeding
someone to rescue me from this doom!
Because this burning mess is crashing to the ground

Hi fives, no we'll shake hands with our tongues.
My dear this horror's just begun.
Salt the earth, you'll salt my wounds
As flames consume with wicked volume.
Your symptoms tell me this is getting worse, before it gets better.
Burned lips scrape fingertips, just shut your mouth it's almost over


Set fire to my veins 'cos you're a gentleman
You should have seen your face when they said I was gone
My flesh it turns to scales which turn to salt
which turns to stone
which builds the walls that seal our fate.
You shall die alone.
You shall die alone.


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