Verse 1:

I never shoulda done it.
Did it anyway.
Seen her at the mall on a Saturday.
I didn't really think 'bout what I should say
when she was like, "Can we hook up on Sunday."
I had a girlfriend at the time.
But she was like, "Ya girlfriend
really won't mind.
We could just chill. Never cross the line.
And maybe we can just be friends."
Cause she's lonely.


It's hard to be a pretty boy ladies is after.
I shouldna even stopped. Shoulda walked right past her.
I shoulda known betta than 2 mess wit a master.
Shoulda known this was gon end in disaster.
I knew sumthin was wrong but I couldn't explain it.
The come-on was strong and the game was blatant.
I didn't know the charges I'd be facin.
But when I got home, yo my girl was waitin...


My girl was ice cold. Like 30 below.
She had my things packed like, ready 2 go.
The way she looked at me, lettin me know
Oh-oh. Oh-oh. Looks like nothin can save me.

Repeat 1x

Verse 2:

Yeah, I was a fool. For the bait I fell.
I'm on my way home, shortie's on her cell.
She callin up my girl. Got a story to tell
and makin' up drama that should be on tv.
Why she messin wit my baby's mind?
She puttin tears in my baby's eyes.
I'm tryna let her know that it's all a lie
and give her one reason she should stay wit me.



repeat 1x

Verse 3:

Hell has no wrath
like a woman scorned.
And she won't take it back
once her heart's been torn.
{repeat 1x}

repeat 'til end.

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