we wander pale and naked to infinity
we float along our paths into eternity
believing what we know and filled with awful fear
'cos we know we have to die and it will cost us dear
we're the surviving ones
the living, striving ones

every waking day could be both good and bad
we make it what we want, we can be glad or sad
and when we wake and think upon the coming end
the thought can lead us through the day or round the bend
'cos we can take a breath
or treat ourselves to death

we vegetate or race through this life's stately dance
we fade away and give away our one big chance
we have no time for this, we mourn the things we miss
we vegetate and race through this life's stately dance

we hide away our fears as all our years go by
we tremble as we think upon the times gone by
we don't go any further 'cos to be grown up
means drinking from society's conformist cup
and that's not right you see,
not what we want to be

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