Corna Boyz
What love can do
What love can do

1st Verse:
I'm losing sleep over you
Look what you've done to me
Not saying you ain't the truth
This love's no fantasy
Sometimes I'm so sick of you
I need some therapy
Just like an addict on you
Make no recovery

B Section:
So should I stay, should I go
Do I do, do I don't
Will I will, will I won't
Do like my my mama told me?

Chorus (ad-libs in Parenthesis):
That's what love can do (now I know)
Everythang just ain't good for you
(Cause I'm feeling like a fool, a fool)
It's got me so confused
(Oh baby)
Maybe that's just what love can do
(Love can do, ooh) What love can do

2nd Verse:
See, you sweep me off of my feet
Then bring me down on my knees
And then occassionally
I'm like somewhere inbetween
Everytime we get it right, we go wrong
And tell me why does every fight turn...
Ohhhhh...ohhhh whoaaaa

B Section (ad-libs):
Should I go
Do like my mama told me?

Chorus (ad-libs):
Now I know
I said I'm feeling like a fool, a fool
Oh baby
Love can do mmmm

Bridge (ad-libs in Parenthesis):
(Heyyy) Everytime we fuss and fight
(I'm headed for the door)
And I know inside this shit ain't right
(But it makes me want you more)
My friends tell me that I should bounce
(Maybe I should just up and leave yeahh)
But they can't say cause they don't know
(Just what you do to me, you do to me)

Chorus til end (ad-libs):
Ohhhh babyyyyy
See everything just ain't good for you
But it feels so good
But now I know ohhh.....ohhhhh
Ha....that's what love can dooooo
To youuuu
Know everything, it just ain't good for you
No no nooooo
I'm so confusedddddd
What love can do..

Ending ad-libs:
Uh huh
Uh huhhhhhhhh
Mmmm yeahhhhhh
Oh baby
Do do do do
Heyyyyyyyyy heyyyyy
Mmmmmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm

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