When the night rolls in, black as sin
I don’t need reminding ‘bout the shape I’m in
Well I hate to lose, but I know I can’t win with you

Yeah, the laugh’s on me but enough is enough
My cover’s blown over, and I ain’t that tough
It’s the same old joke, and it’s getting real old
Your alibis, baby, are leaving me cold…

You and me, our worlds collide
All that’s left is pain and pride
Every day you ain’t in my life, all I feel inside is…
Another twist of the knife

Here it comes again
Another twist of the knife
I’m living in pain
Another twist of the knife
Well, my life with you is a one way street
In a town made of ice, where there ain’t no heat
It’s a crying shame, but I get no love from you

When the highway’s closed and the gates are shut
Your heart is a place that I just can’t touch

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