Sometimes you wish
You were someone else
But it's easier
Just being yourself

You see the life
Of a superstar
But you don't know what they gave up
Just to get to where they are

And I believe in you
'Cuz you're beautiful
You're beautiful
Uh whoa oh

And don't you ever give up
'Cuz problems come and go
They come and go

This is ya life
And everything is gonna be just fine
So don't you worry throw ya hands up high
We're gonna rock this club tonight tonight

Uh uh oh uh uh oh uh uh oh whoa

You're a masterpiece
A work of art
God made you perfect
Just the way you are

Every tear you cry
And every wall you climb
Let your dreams inspire you
Pull you to the other side

And don't you ever forget
You're unstoppable
Uh whoa oh

Everything you want in life
You can have it all
You can have it all

Tell the world, tell the world
How you really feel?
Shout it out shout it out let them know you're real
No matter what they can't beak you down
Live your life the way you know how

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