I'm riding one bright evening 'neath the starlit western sky
The silver moon down on the sage did shine
As I spurred my pony onward, my guitar I softly played
To the tune of some coyote's lonely cry
Just then my pony halted, his ears up straight did go
He trembled as I stepped down by his side
With a glance I saw a shadow, on the prairie there did lie
A little curly-headed blue eyed boy.

O dee ay, dee ay lee, O ay lee O, dee lay ee.

Not very far beyond him his little Pinto fell
His leg was broke as there in pain he lay
And his frightened eyes were blinking as I drew my Forty Four,
Do not kill me his kind eyes just seemed to say.

"Don't shoot him, sir, I beg you, he is my only pal
We've rode the range together day by day
My poor father is a drunkard and he turned me from the door;
Dear mothers up in heaven far away.

O dee ay, dee ay lee, O ay lee O, dee lay ee.

She left me one bright morning, with the angels she does dwell,
We'll meet upon that other range some day
As she kissed my little forehead then a picture she did draw,
From a golden locket as I heard her say.

"My time has come to leave you, the best of pals must part,
Please promise mother always to be true
Thro' the long and lonely hours when your little heart's forlorn
Remember there's an angel watching you.

O dee ay, dee ay lee, O ay lee O, dee lay ee.

Just then the little fellow bowed down his weary head
And this is all his trembling lips did say
Please take care of little Pinto, try and help him to get well
I'm now heading for a round-up far away.

You'll find on Pinto's bridle, a treasure that is dear
Please put it by my heart when I have gone
'Tis a picture of my mother dear, the best pal that I knew,
I'm leaving now to meet her far beyond.

O dee ay, dee ay lee, O ay lee O, dee lay ee...

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