When I was just a young boy, I had to work hard 'cause
my daddy was gone
My momma said "Son, life is never easy
And if you wanna win then you gotta be strong", I
gotta be strong
I heard her say "It ain't ever black or white
But when it's time to choose, I know you'll do what's
You gotta stand up and fight"
Give it up - give it up, give it everything you got
Give it all, if you wanna take it to the top
Give it up - give it up, 'cause you know there'll come
a time
When you gotta lay it, lay it, lay it, you gotta lay
it on the line
Well I was only fifteen, when I heard that rock 'n'
roll sound
(Oh what a sound)
I bought a secondhand six-string, and I played it
outta that neon town
I still recall those old words from yesterday, I pick
up that old guitar
And every time I play, I can still hear her say
(Instrumental break)
I remember those hard times, I always had to fight
just to make it through
Now it's all behind me, but those old words still ring
Still ring true now
The more it changes, the more it stays the same
And boy, I'm telling you, if you wanna play the game
The lesson's still the same

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