The fire of imagination
I am life I'm creation
I'm a woman

The silence
before inspiration
At the dawn of religion
I'm a woman

The vision and the dreamer
I'm the witch
and I'm the healer

Cause I'm woman
Before all gods
before all power
I am a man
and I'm a woman
I'm the child
and I'm the mother

The mystery
and the solution
I'm a dream of revolution
I'm a woman

Instinct and intuition
I'm the artist the musician
I'm a woman

Reason and emotion
I'm the desert
and the ocean

I'm a woman
I am freedom
I am laughter
I'm woman
I'm my own hero
my own master

And I am tired
of acting like a pretty flower
I am rage, I am fire
I am wisdom, I'm woman

I'm a woman
I'm an angel undercover
I'm your man,
you're my woman
be my equal, my lover

I am the sun
ts golden lightI'm the voice
you hear at night

I'm the lonely hunter
I'm the echo after thunder
I'm the mystery
and Its wonder

I'm a hag from 'hagio'
Saint and holy woman
I'm a woman

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