With a Hip

Halt halt halt halt
Nobody's allowed
Strictly verboten
Out out out out
Bounds, of course we know no bounds
Until, at least, and then
Trespass all the way down

We've got it and I want some
I can handle it, and I want some
Relax, feel the pleasure inside
Error in trial, collide collide

You won't listen
I don't expect you to
We've lost
And something's all we can do

With a hip hip hop and a flip flap flop
Gonna steal some bananas from the grocer's shop
With your head in the clouds
And your trousers undone
Gonna shit on the carpet
Just like everyone

This is the one for the money
This is the one for the trees
This is the one called heaven
And this is the one for me

You've yet to discover
discover the difference
The difference between moral and mortal
They've got it and I have some
I couldn't handle it but I have some

Hold it in the light
And see right through it
For god's sake make a decision
Take it for a walk
And hold it hold it
Pin it on the wall and fasten onto

Move to the back
And oh yes oh yes
Do what must be done
And don't say maybe


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