Between birth and death we must find in ourselves, keepers of secrets stored on life's shelves, locked in our souls they key is always the past, don't hold on to things cause you know that they just never last, somewhere in time your eternal quest, your fear of dying will be the rifrst test, looking for meaning to find some purpose to life, answers to questions that tear at your heart like a knife, mysteries are but ephemeral reflections in time, oceans of wisdom run so deep and sublime. How far have we come, left so much behind, escaping your nature block it out of our mind, sold us a dream full of pain and despair, so lost in illusion we haven't a prayer. Cycles of change surely to come, as time destroys all, all that we've done.
Dig in your souls reflect in your hearts, cause death is behind us to tear us apart, show you no mercy, no mercy at all, the valley of death it echoes its call

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