The music press grins but did you think they would help us?
No, it's not in their interest; freedom's not what they want
The change in their life style would destroy the bank balance
Much rather they would shit and watch the world collapse
In their fairytale city, they poison the mind
With rock 'n' roll for entertainment
So, the nation won't find out about
Corruption, control, the distribution of wealth
It's a plan based on distraction, well see for yourself
They make millions profit now who's on what side?
Do you see them lift a finger as the starving victims die?
Some people tried to change things, tried to clear out all the shit
Big bosses forced a clampdown, anarchy must not exist!

Fuck off if you don't want to help, that's the message loud and clear
From the con men you once labelled, you bastards just don't care
Just who the fuck are you to talk? You even sell yourselves
OK you've got your own opinions, well now have ours as well

Shut your mouth, because you don't understand the way things are
The way we live, the role we play is not a superstar
For you to use, build up, smash down as you see fit
You dozy jerks you write such shit

If we sound like a bad phone call then you've got a crossed line
If we tell you the same as yesterday, well, did you think we would change our minds?
You say we look too violent, say our message is forgotten
Well, if you don't like that tough, because that's the only face I've got!

You don't know shit… you make me sick

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