Am I a terrible lie, just a southern mess?
Am I the signature you’ll forge on the birthday cards
That I’ll forget to send
Can we please just not pretend
That all my thoughtlessness had purpose
Do you think that it was worth it?

I’m not they same as I was when we were younger

We swam out past the shallow breakers
I never thought that the tide would take us
We live just to love and learn to give it up
We are in the arms of lovers
We are hopeless we’re all comets
With love for someone carried on us
We live just to learn but hope never gives us up

Soldiers with heavy hearts just reach out into the dark

You found me walking through our town in the dead of night
I was looking for you
I always thought that if you loved me in the end
I could fall but I would mend but I’m tired of this secret cos I know that I can’t keep it

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