Yes! i got the perfect idea.gonna make a social network page designed entirely to fuck these guys over. they had sex with my girlfriend.gonna call it not listening to brokencyde. yeyuh!

Trollers gonna troll
You know we don't really care though
Came from a zero
And now i'm a hero
I've worked to hard for you to take this from me
My tummy's getting hungry
And moms raised no dummy
I'm givin it my all 'till i fall
But that's what seems so impossible to me
Cause you see if you was me
You'd love yourself too
And represent your crew
But if i was you
I'd quit with all the hatin :)
So say what you sayin
But you ain't sayin shit (nope)
Except what you wrote on the internet
My moment to shine is coming in due time
And imma get what's mine cuz i'm always on my grind
Gettin on my paper
So you hatin even mo'
It's even more amazin that i seen you at our shows
Crazy ass hater go ahead and get a life
Take you back to kindergarten so you can play nice (no!)

(you mad bro?
Why you mad bro?) x4

I be on that straight shit
You be on that gay shit (hey!)
Dick is always runnin through your head, axis
Droppin dead faces
Louie v cases
If you ain't gonna get em
Then i'm gonna fuckin' take em
Hoppin out the lambo
Lookin like rambo
Use the hottest verse on your album as an example
Makin money got honeys countin my cash flow
Haters gon look at me now like
You mad brah?
Is that your chick?
Yeah i'm the one that fucked your chick
Sprung when i let her touch my dick
She was the one that rubbed on it
Up down up on it
Lovin the way shes suckin it
Pogo stick she jump on it
And she can't get enough of it
Stupid fuckin bitches
Go and do my dishes
Cause i'm playin with these hoes
And all the bullshit got me sayin to these hoes

(you mad bro
Why you mad bro) x4

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