I'm standing in front of the bakershop : and I'm feeling lowdown in mind
Hungry as could be : looking at all cakes of kind

Girl in the bakershop : she hollered papa don't look so sad
Come and try some of my cake : and you won't feel so bad

*And with* sweet rolls in the window : honey and light bread cold
I want to buy me some cake : but I had shot dice and lost my roll

I'm crazy about my light bread : and my pigmeat on the side
If I had a piece of your jellyroll : honey I'd be satisfied

I want to know if your jellyroll fresh : I want to know if your jellyroll's stale
I'm going to haul off and buy me some : if I have to break her loose in jail

It's hard to be broke : and so hungry you about to drop
If I don't get a break soon : I'll fall dead front of this bakershop

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