Lend an ear to your core
You will hear a devilish roar
Of an essence that's dying to be free,
You are afraid to let it out -
It's full of burning hate.

When you see the beast near your bed in the night
Look into his dark eyes,
You'll see a black abyss luring into its depth,
There is no return after making the first step.

There is an enemy of all the humankind -
The beast living inside you and me
Whom we always try to hide.
Sometimes we are afraid him
But frequently it's cared for.
I guess i know who let it in,
I guess we were misled on the score of the lord.

When you see the beast…

I've heard that christ was seen subject
Himself to torment for the humankind
His executioners could not inflect
His will, they couldn't make him change his mind.
He's worthy of respect
But i'm afraid there's no one
To die for in this world
Despite being cruel god's unhappy son.

When you see the beast…

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